Flying Abroad from Birmingham

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If you want to take a break over the winter but don’t live near London, then Birmingham, the UK’s second city, has an accessible airport with plenty of destinations on offer.

The world is at your fingertips if you fly from Birmingham

The city of Birmingham is right in the middle of the UK. In fact, if you are planning to escape from your daily pressures and take a winter break then you could always spend a couple of days in the city before you depart for foreign climes.

Sightseeing in Birmingham

Birmingham is the home of Cadbury, the UK chocolate manufacturers. There are few people who can resist the temptation of a box of delicious chocolates and if you make your way to the suburb of Bourneville you’ll soon be in chocolate heaven.

The company runs Cadbury World, which explains the processes involved in producing chocolate and you will be encouraged to taste and enjoy this delicious product.

Art in Birmingham

Birmingham has always been a vibrant centre for the arts. If you have the time, try and visit the City Art gallery, right in the centre of town. Anyone who enjoys the melodrama of the Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood will be able to gaze at some of their most famous masterpieces to their heart’s content (image by

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do - Flying Abroad from  Birmingham
Millais, Burne Jones and examples of work by the enigmatic Rossetti are all on show here. The city is also home to many contemporary galleries; the most famous of these is the world-renowned Ikon Gallery in Brindley Place.

Curry heaven in Birmingham

It’s not just the arts that are popular in Birmingham. The city is internationally famous for its curries. On a recent TV cookery programme an Indian chef, Athol Kochhar was asked where he had eaten the best curry in the world; he gave Birmingham as his answer.

You must try a Balti; this dish was created in the city and has become famous throughout the whole of the UK.

Marketing in Birmingham

If you’re traveling over on business then you’re in luck! On the outskirts of Birmingham is a town called Lichfield. It’s the home of the RAF training ground! Lichfield offers so much for businesses, whether you’re looking for an SEO Company Lichfield area, or simply for a home department store. You can trust the Birmingham/ Lichfield area of the UK!

Shopping in Birmingham

If you’ve forgotten anything on your way to the city, you can always stop off at the Bullring Shopping Centre. This huge complex is perfect for making any last minute purchases and is easy to navigate. Alternatively, on your way back from your holiday you could always treat yourself to some custom-made hand crafted jewelry in Birmingham as the city is the UK’s jewelry centre.


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