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Exploring The Beauty Of Niagra Falls

Niagra falls is situated on the border of New York and Ontario Canada. It was named ‘‘falls’’ mainly because it consists of three falls;

The American falls

The bridal veil falls

The horseshoe falls

The three waterfalls combined produce the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth thereby granting it the reputation of being the second largest waterfall in the world. Niagra falls is known for its beautiful scenery and eco-friendly environment. It is an exhibit of mother nature at its peak.

Little wonder why tourists all over the world visit in mass every year. There’s a bucket list of interesting activities to engage in when touring the Niagra falls:

The Trolley Ride

You don’t want to miss out on the trolley ride which makes sightseeing easier and also allows one to learn the history of the falls on the move.  What makes the tour around Niagra falls worthwhile is being able to get a distinctive view of the beautiful scenery. The discovery center is another part of the falls where you can get a clear epic view of the falls.

One amazing fact about Niagra falls is that it has the world’s highest flow rate. As a mountainous region, it is, about 28 million liters or about 700, 000 gallons of water race down Niagra falls every second.

Fascinating Fact

Another unique fact about Niagra falls is its ability to produce a large amount of electricity; making it a huge hydropower source.

Niagra falls produce about twenty percent of the water supplied in the United States of America. The falls have contributed greatly to the economy of this city.

The falls are huge when you are near them; People enjoy doing stunts like gliding, tightrope jumping from the falls. The Niagra falls are 10,000 years old.


The name” horseshoe ” is given to one of the three falls because it takes the shape of a horseshoe and bridal veil fall is given that name because it looks like a bridal veil.

The horseshoe is the tallest and longest of all three falls in Niagra.

Niagra falls has an estimated number of 30 million visitors per year which keeps increasing yearly. Some come to take a quick snap while others patiently explore the whole of Niagra falls to get the best of what it has to offer.

Maid of the mist is a sightseeing adventure that takes you up close and personal to Niagra falls. It’s been in use since 1846. If you enjoy online betting games, you can visit  while on the move.

Niagra falls is a public location in Niagra parks but all other activities are to be paid for.

Nightlife in the Niagra falls is a lofty sight to behold. The falls are stupendous due to the array of colors displayed by them. Checking out real money casino wouldn’t be a bad idea during this period. The creativity and beauty of mother nature are showcased at their peak at Niagra falls.

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