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Diving in the Islands of Malta and Gozo

Malta consists of three large limestone islands, Comino, Gozo and Malta. Diving in Malta is a memorable experience owing to the many caves and beautiful underwater topology. Divers love to dive here all year round. However, the best time to dive in Malta is in summer, between the months of June and September.

Diving in Malta

There are incredibly beautiful spots on all three islands. On the main island of Malta, there are several diving spots that stretch mainly around the western areas of the island.

The Wrecks of Cirkewwa

Cirkewwa is one of the most popular diving spots. This is where all divers must go at least once on their trip. Located to the north of Malta, it is situated next to the jetty of the ferry that brings you to Gozo, which is a great place to dive. It provides a comfortable diving entrance along with other facilities. There are two mesmerizing wrecks which are greatly admired by both amateur and professional divers. You will find many species of fish around the wrecks of the P29 and the Rozi.

Blue Hole

Located below the Azure Window, Blue Hole is a roundish hole which lies in the middle of the shore and has a huge opening to the sea. There is a big cave underneath and you can dive around the azure window and follow the reef until you get to the entrance to the inland sea. Blue Hole makes diving in Malta a magical experience and the guarantee the kind of diving memories you would like to hold on to forever.


Comino is the smallest of the colonized islands and lies between Gozo and Malta. One of the island’s most celebrated diving sites is the Blue Lagoon which is jam-packed with tourists and visiting boats during summer. Few people live on the island and there is a hotel, the Comino Hotel, which is located at a fascinating bay with a sandy bottom. This makes Comino a happening place for divers to take pleasure in their diving adventures.

The Comino Dive Centre is situated at the hotel and runs its own ferry to and from Gozo and Malta. This location featured prominently in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo. The Comino caves lie in a sheltered region on the east of the island. As they are accessible, divers swim through one cave and exit from another one. Beautiful patterns are created by sunlight as it shines through the crevices. The inside of the caves is bright red in the light of a torch.

Lantern Point is the southernmost spot on the island. You have to reach the site by going through a chimney that leads you to the limestone plateau. Here, you will get to see scorpionfish, groupers, and even barracudas.

If you’re looking for a guide to living or residing in Malta then you should check out Malta Guides for everything you need to know about this amazing island.

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