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Destination Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy. And It is by far the most visited city of the country. Rome holds a great historical significance in the world. If you are visiting Italy from any European country, you can travel via road. Rome has a lot to offer for a tourist. Let’s look at how you can enjoy this beautiful city in its entirety.

The Colosseum

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? When someone hears the word ‘Rome’ the first picture that pop up in their mind is that of The Colosseum. Colosseum is hugely popular and for good reason; this ancient landmark takes you back in history. This historic site is a must visit on your travel to Rome. This is the place where infamous Gladiator battles were carried out. Just stand in front of The Colosseum and you won’t help but fall in love with it. You can hire a private guide to get intimate details of this beautiful site. Private drivers in Italy as well as driver guides are also available for tourists to travel across the city  and the whole country without any hassle.

Rome Fashion Week

Milan is not the only place for visiting a fashion expo in Italy. Rome also hosts top fashion shows all year round. Don’t miss an opportunity to participate in a fashion week in style by hiring the services of a Limousine company. A proper fashion week visit is not complete without a good vehicle. If you are a fashion buff and want to experience the latest trends in fashion, you must also visit the Italian designers’ shops in Rome during your tour.

Roman Forum

Roman forum is another historic landmark hugely popular among tourists. Walking through the forum feels like going back in time. A few standing columns represent the enormity of a civilization that was arguably one of the greatest in history. 

Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain is another popular tourist attraction in Rome. Trevi fountain has become an iconic site due to its frequent appearance in movies. Now it has become a must visit tourist spot. Beautifully crafted fountain with an amazing background is bound to make you breathless. 

Santa Maria Maggiore

This is one of the most famous churches in Italy. This beautiful church has stood strong since 4th century. Imagine the historic events this place has witnessed. A regular mass is celebrated here since 5th century. Erected on 40 marble and granite columns, this beautiful church is aligned with mosaics of New and Old testaments. This is a must visit place on your tour of Rome.

There are so many other monuments and events that you can visit on your tour of Rome. And if you want to tour other sites rather than these five places and events, they are ready to give you a great dose of authentic Roman history and culture. If you want to make your tour hassle free we highly advise you to book a private driver and local guide or a driver guide. They know the intimate details of all the routes so that you don’t waste your time on any arrangements.

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