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Can You Enjoy a Long-Haul Flight? 8 Hacks to Make Your Travel Time more Enjoyable

Whether you’re relocating, going on holiday, taking a business trip or simply visiting a loved one, long-haul flights seem endless. Wailing babies, arm-rest hogs, snorers or an overly-nosy seat neighbour might be making your journey uncomfortable… luckily, we have some tips to help even the worst flight.

Long haul flights can be a travel nightmare, dreaded by many travellers. Some airlines make provisions for entertainment, while some will not. You don’t need to spend a fortune on international flights to ensure your comfort. All you need to do is prepare and make plans to ensure you keep busy and are able to relax and fall asleep easily.

We’ve compiled some useful and unusual ideas to help you not only get through a long-haul flight, but actually have a good time and make the most of the hours spent in the air.

Wear comfortable clothing: Your clothing has a lot to do with how comfortable you are during a long-haul flight. Wear loose, comfortable attire and keep a blanket handy. You could even pack a pair of your pajamas in your carry-on luggage and change into them during the flight. Some airlines keep the cabin at a low temperature, so you might find yourself feeling cold. Sometimes the provided airline blankets are not enough. At other times, you might find the air conditioning is insufficient and feel hot and sweaty. Layer your clothing so you can easily add or remove clothing as needed, and carry a scarf as an extra layer.

Get travel insurance: Even the best flight can turn to a nightmare if your luggage gets misplaced along the way. The right travel insurance at will help ensure that both your belongings and travel plans are protected in the event of any surprises.

Block out everything: It can be entertaining to engage in conversation with the people next to you on a flight. However there are times when you’d rather be on your own and want to block everything out. You might also want to get some sleep without being disturbed by noise and light. Carry noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs and an eye mask. A neck pillow may come in handy – especially if your sitting position is not particularly comfortable. An inflatable neck pillow packs small but provides big comfort.

Listen to audio books: You can download audio books to listen to. They’re a very helpful alternative to printed books, because you don’t even have to keep your eyes open.

Get some exercise: Airlines and travel websites recommend that people get some in-flight exercise in the form of leg and arm raises, as well as taking a stretch near the restrooms. Visiting the gym and working out prior to arriving at the airport will help you relax and rest easily during your flight.

Get a massage: Getting a massage to help you unwind before boarding can go a long way to help you get through the flight. During the flight, it’s common to get swollen feet as a result of low cabin pressure and sitting for long periods. To help relieve the pain caused by swelling, you can take off your shoes. Rolling golf balls under your bare feet or getting a personal foot massage after the flight is a great idea.

Engage in an in-flight hobby: Hobbies such as knitting, drawing, or learning a new language can help fill in long boring flights. Long haul flights provide a good opportunity to spend your time learning something new or practicing an existing activity that you haven’t engaged in for a while. You can also try something like online games with the help of in-flight WiFi if you haven’t gotten time to indulge in it due to work commitments. People in casino games and stimulation games like GTA and PUBG may prefer such activities. You can also play games that pay real money if that is what you desire.

Start a new TV series: Most planes make provisions for entertainment. Games, movies, TV shows, and even music are often provided. Long haul-flights are therefore a great opportunity to watch a new TV series from start to finish. If you are partially through a series, consider downloading the remaining episodes onto your tablet and using your flight time to catch up.

Freshen up: Pack your toiletries to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation during a long-haul flight, as well as avoid the unsavoury feeling of being sweaty, dirty, or smelly. Stock your toiletry bag and don’t forget to bring along some deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and hairbrush. Remember as per TSA guidelines, liquids need to be less than 100ml and stored in a clear plastic bag.

Take your own food: The food on planes can be loaded with sugar, fat and salt. This can have the effect of leaving you bloated and uncomfortable after a flight. While you don’t have to pack a whole meal, some snacks you know and like can ensure you don’t get that uncomfortable feeling afterwards. Also drink plenty of water (this helps to avoid jetlag too) and avoid alcohol.

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