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Best corporate Gifts Bags for Hikers

Bags are one of the most essentials and necessary items when going hiking. In fact, you can store food, clothes, hiking equipment, or even speakers or medical items. And there is no doubt that bags can be a good gifting item.

That said, it should be noted that corporate gifts can take many forms– they can be either digital gift cards (provided by using a Gift Card Software application), or they can be physical gifts like coffee mugs and travel bags. The best part is that corporate gifts can be given to both your employees and your clients. One must remember that gifts can not only boost morale among employees, but they can also strengthen relationships with clients.

This could be the reason why the gesture of giving gifts have been always encouraged in workplaces. That said, while some go down the customized route and opt for companies that provide personalised embroidery melbourne and similar services to the give custom gifts to their clientele, many companies tend to first research the needs of the receiver and choose things accordingly. For example, if the person is an avid trekker or hiker, the company might just give him hiking bags or even something as small as a drawstring bag from that can help him in his outdoor adventures! These bags could be useful for a variety of tasks. You could, for example, carry your wet or sweaty clothes in it to keep them apart from the rest of your belongings. And once the hike is done, you could use this multi-purpose bag to go to the gym or for grocery shopping, depending on your needs.

Anyway, if you’re looking to find out the best corporate gifts for clients or employees that like to go hiking or camping, this is the right place for you. Of course, there are also some best gifts for hikers under $25 that you should know about, but today we’ll focus on bags which are the number one item to take while hiking.

Hiking bags are not necessarily big and spacious, and can be rather minimalist and organized depending on the model. These cheap corporate gifts for hikers of 2020 can not only please them but could also be useful to them while hiking or camping.

Alpine Division Rockaway Ripstop Backpack – $69.00

This water-resistant backpack from Alpine Division is one of the best you can get to your clients or friends that they’ll be able to take with them hiking or on a long weekend with their family. In fact, it can carry many items from a laptop, clothes, medical items, and much more.

Other than that, it has a padded laptop sleeve which is great if they need to take their laptop with them, and also has a durable YKK zipper pull.

To sum up, it is one of the best gifts for hikers and campers. Whether your friends or colleagues like to go hike, go on challenging trails, or want to stay dry while camping, that’s the right item for them.

Rains Backpack – $110.00

This backpack from Rains is definitely some of the best gifts for casual hikers that don’t plan to go hiking for days. In fact, this is a smaller yet extremely powerful backpack that you should consider.

It is waterproof, elegant, it has a hidden cell phone compartment, and a laptop pocket if your friends want to take it to the office too. If you’re looking for a minimalist backpack to take on a day trip to the mountains or simply to hike for sunrise or sunset, this must be the one.

All in one, its high-quality and waterproof material, beautiful design, and adjustable straps make it one of the best gifts for hikers and campers while remaining a fantastic traditional corporate gift.

Incase EO Backpack – $179.95

The EO backpack from Incase takes the bag experience to the next level offering numerous organized and classy pockets and compartments. In fact, it has a designated compartment for clothes and toiletries, but also for a laptop, a notebook and more.

It also has designed compartments to make it easier when screening at the airport security before going to hike. Moreover, its main compartment has an expendable capacity of 35% which is great for hiking or camping a few days or simply for overnight travel.

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Also, its shoulder straps were designed with breathable mesh which will certainly be helpful if your employee or client tends to sweat.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a high-end backpack to take on a long hike or to go camping for a few days, this is certainly the one you want.

Timbuk2 Player Duffel Bag – $99.00

Timbuk2 has been one of the leaders on the bag market for the past years, and for good reasons. While it is one of the best gifts for hikers and campers, it is also great to go to the gym, take to the office, or simply for a long weekend abroad.

It has a large main compartment to carry clothes, a second pair of shoes, or toiletries. Also, it can be taken on flight as its dimensions are compact enough to be carried with you.

In addition to this, it has a fantastic design with an outer pocket, a slide velcro pocket for luggage passthrough, and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Needless to say, this is definitely some of the best gifts for casual hikers whether they plan to spend the night at the camping or go hiking for a few days.

Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack – $129.00

While this backpack was originally designed to be a laptop one, it is certainly a great candidate for hiking and camping lovers. In fact, it isn’t as spacious as some other bags in this list, however, it has a main compartment that is large enough to carry a jacket, some clothes, medical items, and much more.

In addition, it also has a water bottle pocket which is always a nice feature to store your water and access it easily. Also, it also has a laptop pocket which can be useful whether you need to take the laptop with you.

Lastly, it can be used as a main backpack when hiking or as a secondary backpack when camping.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a compact and organized backpack to go hiking for a full day but that you can also take to the office when needed, this is the one.

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