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Basel deluxe: travel tips for a luxurious weekend

The city of Basel in Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Europe. Here are some tips for your luxury weekend in Basel …

Three top hotels in Basel

Basel is the third biggest city in Switzerland. And it’s very unique. Not only thanks to its special location close to the borders of Germany and France, but also because of its vast historical heritage, its amazing points of interest, as well as its fantastic luxury hotels and fine dining options. If you are a history buff, you might be interested in staying at historical hotels in the area similar to how you would search Historic Hotels USA when you are on a US tour!

The best address in town is without a doubt the legendary “Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois”. As a matter of fact, this landmark of deluxe hospitality is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Europe! It has been welcoming guests since 1681. Over the years, the „Les Trois Rois” has hosted many famous guests from the worlds of business, politics, and show biz. Empress Michiko from Japan, James Joyce, and Pablo Picasso are just three of many prominent examples. Needless to say, staying in a place with all this luxurious glamour and fame comes with quite a hefty price tag. Prices go up to more than 4,000 Euro if you wish to book one of the amazing suites.

The second 5* classic luxury hotel in town is the “Hilton Basel”. As can be expected from this global operating hotel chain, the guests of this fine house are pampered with countless amenities, like an indoor pool, a huge spa area, and a well-equipped gym. The 220 guest rooms including suites will leave no wish unfulfilled.

Another option for a wonderful stay in Basel is the far smaller but much more individual boutique hotel: “Der Teufelhof Basel”. This beautiful art hotel in the centre of the city offers a truly unique ambience. The Teufelhof is separated into two parts: the “Art Hotel” with eight charming rooms and one suite, and the “Gallery Hotel” with twenty rooms, three suites, and one junior suite. Although you will not find the glamorous pomp of the “Les Trois Rois”, you will live in a 3* house which is literally pulsating with art! Each room is individually designed by a famous artist. The hotel also hosts its own theatre stage where you may enjoy plays, satire evenings, or live concerts throughout the summer season.

Time to dine in Basel!

If you are a single gentleman and would like to enjoy some of the fantastic culinary experience in Basel in the company of a charming, eloquent and gorgeous looking model, all you need to do is pick up your phone. Basel not only hosts luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants, and a bustling nightlife, but is also home to some of the most exquisite escort agencies in Switzerland. So, once your date is arranged, it’s time to book a table! Should you already be staying in the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Switzerland is just a few steps away. The “Cheval Blanc” (a 3* Michelin restaurant!) will pamper you with divine dishes from the Mediterranean Haute Cuisine and a wine selection to die for.

Next in line in terms of Michelin stars is the 2* restaurant “Stucki”. The maître of the house will show with every refined dish just how important taste and presentation are for the perfect culinary experience. What you will be eating here is so much more than just food – it’s art!

Then there are eight more restaurants in Basel, which all have been awarded one star by the famous restaurant guide Michelin. One of them can be found just outside the city walls in a charming town called Oberwill. The “Schlüssel” (the “Key”) is everything you wish for in terms of ambiance, taste, and service. The lighting is impeccable, and the music is just loud enough. Many of the tunes might be recognizable to you, perhaps they use some licensed streaming platform (sneak a peek here) to play the well-known commercial songs. Also, you’ll be served seasonal delights from the Swiss cuisine, reduced to their purest essence. This is one fine dining experience in Basel you should not miss!

A luxury weekend in Basel …

… will certainly leave you wanting for more! Besides the amazing hotels, the fantastic culinary scene and this beautiful city itself, you’ll feel truly welcome. The “Basler” are wonderful open-minded people. If you want to get in touch with the locals, you should take a small tour through the pulsating night life in Basel. Cool bars, fancy lounges, and some of the best clubs in Switzerland guarantee a night to remember! Venues like the “Bar Rouge” on the 31st floor of the Messe Turm, the upscale wine bar “Consum Basel” or the #1 club in town – the “Club 59” – are just some of many fun places where you can make a toast to your luxury weekend in Basel.

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