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An Inviting Journey to Singapore’s Malay Culture

Singapore is currently one of the fastest growing countries, not just in Asia, but also in the world today. Without a doubt, it is progressing more than anyone and is providing numerous opportunities to students, tourists, and even businesses through the EntrePass. The country has become a hub for different ethnicities, like the Chinese and Indian people, to work and develop their skills. There is even a lot of opportunities for people from all over the world, with educational institutions such as stamford american international school being open to people from across the globe. Due to the abundance of foreign culture that it has, the culture has developed to have the identity as the link of all these.

However, if there is one culture that closely resembles the traditions of the country, it would be that of the Malaysians. The cultures of Malaysia and Singapore are closely knitted together and can be proven by the numerous resemblances in various aspects like food, religion, and more. The evolution of Malayan culture in this country has paved the way for heritage to be born.

One of the aspects where the influences of Malayan culture can be seen is in the kitchen. The cuisine, much like the country itself, is an intersection of various cultures. Chinese, Indian and South East Asian food can be seen all around the place. However, Malayan cuisine can be spotted easily when looking at Singapore’s local and traditional dishes. The Laksa and the Hainanese chicken rice are two of the most popular local dishes in the country, and if you look at Malaysia’s local food, you’ll also see these meals.

Architecture is also a field that people from the island nation are currently excelling in. However, traditional architecture can be closely compared to that of the Malays’. Malayan inspired houses can be still seen around the country as a testament to the country’s devotion to its roots. Aside from Malayan houses, mosques can also be seen around the country. The Sultan Mosque, Darul Aman Mosque, and Al-Iman Mosque are just some the architectural masterpieces that link the two cultures.

Mosques signify the presence of Islam in this nation. Islam is one of the four major religions present today, together with Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. These religions are thriving in the country because of the ethnicities that are present in the nation. The connection between Malay and Singaporean culture runs very deep which is why Islam is this nation’s main religion on the Malayan peninsula.

Aside from its food, architecture, and religion, a clear testament to Malay’s grip on the culture of the people can be seen in the population itself. The population is composed of Chinese-Malay-Indian-Others or CMIO. With this fact, it can be seen how Singapore has embraced its Malayan roots and has been a place to be for Malays due to its cultural similarities

In fact, to celebrate its heritage, SG even hosts the annual Malay CultureFest to show the story of how their culture came to be and where it all began. The connection between these two cultures runs very deep which is why the Malay Heritage Centre, located in this nation, celebrates it.

With its fast-paced lifestyle today, it is truly amazing how Singapore and its people are still able to pay homage to their roots. Malayan culture and heritage are closely bonded with that of Singapore’s, and it can be seen clearly.


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