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6 Unique Facts About Punta Cana

Punta Cana is located at the easternmost La Altagracia province of the Dominican Republic. It is a well-known place due to its long beaches and balnearios, which attracts a large number of tourists every year. I’ve heard from friends that also enjoy turks and caicos yacht charters adventures that the Dominican Republic’s beaches are some of the best around. It is also equipped with numerous vocational amenities boasting of more than forty all-inclusive resorts. These resorts are customized to serve the needs of different tourists ranging from family-friendly to adults-only as well as the expensive to the affordable ones. Moreover, the Punta Cana Airport also has direct flights from quite a number of U.S. airports. These flights range from as long as 2 hours to even 20 minutes. For your information, the name Punta Cana refers to the cane palms in the region literally meaning “Tip of the White Cane Palms”. There are quite a number of unique things about Punta Cana.

Saona Island Excursion

This excursion is available for guests of the Dominicus, La Romana, Bayahibe and Punta Cana hotels and resorts. This place usually boasts of less crowded beaches and hence better services. With this excursion, you will pay a visit to 3 most remote beaches of Saona. There are customized motorboats and a restaurant for the few who are involved in Saona Island Excursion. You will also pay a visit to the small but vibrant Mano Juan village.(image by Rei Evans).

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Jungle Eco Tour from Punta Cana and Bayahibe

In this excursion, you will have a great experience of the jungle of the National Park del Este as well as its immediate environment. This is a well-known park for the excursions to the Catalinita, Catalina and Islands Saona. You will experience the dry jungle and the fauna and flora. Make sure you carry the right outdoor clothes which you can get from rei asheville stores or elsewhere, along with other gear you might need for all the excursions. Having the right equipment and clothes can make your adventures all the more enjoyable. You will also learn of the unique story of the people who once lived in the area prior to the inauguration of the park.

Catalina Island, the River Chavon and Tanama Jungle RanchExcursion

This is a full day excursion to Catalina Island and Tanama Jungle Ranch along Rio Chavon. This excursion is a perfect combination of sea and the jungle as well as the culture and nature. It starts with a visit to Catalina Island where you will relax on the beach. Thereafter you will board a riverboat through the Chavon River to have an experience of a jungle cruise. Finally, you will get to Tanama Jungle Ranch to spend time with the local animals.

20 Miles of White and Unspoiled Sandy Beaches

These beautiful sandy beaches at Punta Cana have swaying coconut palms. These are made even more appealing by stunning Caribbean Island that invites an average of 25 C of temperature all year-round. Its waters also register an average of 23 C year-round.

The Manati Park Bavaro&A Large Collection of Water Sports

What is unique with this tourist attraction site is the presence of performing dolphins and sea lions. This is just a pure and authentic replica of the ancient Taino Indian Village. There are also various water sports within Punta Cana such as diving, a motorbike excursion and swimming with the dolphins or even enjoying some lovely jungle walk. Moreover, there are other sports such as sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. With all these sports, Punta Cana is just the place to be when it comes to having some comfortable time off your workplace. (image by Evgeny Drokov).

Graybit - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Manati Park Bavaro Unique Facts about Punta Cana

A 2000-Acre Natural Forest Reserve & 14 Kilometers of Coral Reef

Punta Cana also boasts of a large natural forest reserve that is under the maintenance of Punta Cana Ecological Foundation. Furthermore, Punta Cana has a long stretch of coral reef that lies directly parallel to the coast. This coral reef is under close protection to ensure that it is safe from human encroachment. Other natural features are freshwater lagoons and coastal mangroves.


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