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6 Great Outdoor Activities in Barbados

If you are planning a vacation to Barabados, you may be surprised to read that when it comes to fine living, this is one island that has truly mastered the skill! Did you know that you can find daily lessons that will teach you how to enjoy fine living? Yes, it’s true!

Barbados offers tourists a vibrant culture that they will not forget, not to mention lush tropical greenery, warm sunlight and let’s not forget about the crystal clear blue waters and the fine accommodations such as Crystal Cove Barbados. If you love outdoor sports, you are sure to find a few that you can partake in while vacationing here.


Spend the day exploring this amazing island by kayaking. Start your tour at Surfers Point, which is located on the southern tip of Barbados. You will travel over colorful coral reefs, while being able to enjoy the breathtaking underwater life. Not only that, but you may just be lucky enough to encounter a few friendly sea turtles!


If you are enjoying Crystal Cove with your loved one, why not enjoy The Moonlight Walk (hike) to ignite a romantic fire? Hikes are free, but donations are appreciated. During your hike you will explore cane fields, tropical forests, coastal communities, and gullies. Be sure to check the Calendar of Hikes for dates and times.

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Scuba Diving

Is scuba diving on your bucket list? If so, then this is the place to turn your dream into a reality! The barrier reefs which are located approximately two miles from shore are home to thousands of beautiful fish. You will also see larger fish feeding on smaller fish. Not only that, but the Hawksbill turtle resides here.


If you love fishing, then you will love the fact that the warm waters of Barbados makes for ideal fishing. You will be able to fish for Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin, Barracuda, and a host of other Marlin species. If you would rather take a fishing tour, be sure to check out Barbados Game Fishing Operators such as IOU Charters, High Seas Fishing Charters. Ask what they offer and before you know it, you will spend the day fishing! (image by Captain Kimo). You’ve gotta have the right equipment to succeed in this game and ensure you have a quality day on the ocean.

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Do want to feel the wind beneath your wings? Does flying excite you? If so, why not spend a day paragliding? Can you imagine harnessing to your parachute and jumping off a cliff, soaring the wind while looking at the breathtaking scenery below you? Check with Barbados Tourism to book a paragliding trip.


Okay, so this one may have caught you off guard. I am sure that Barbados is not the first island that comes to mind when you think about cycling. However, did you know that mountain-biking and race bicycling are popular sports among the natives? Enjoy this amazing island by spending the day on a bicycle. If you want to enjoy cycling around the island without burning up all the energy, you can explore using ebikes. By doing so, might have to exert less effort on uphills, making it an enjoyable experience. Cycle your way up a steep hill to St. John’s Church and overlook the scenery below you!

When you book your vacation to Barbados you are sure to find ample sporting activities to keep you busy!

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