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6 Great Caribbean Islands for Amazing Holiday

The Caribbean is home to the most flawless islands on the face of the earth and a dream come true to every holiday maker that visits this stunning region. The islands offer a unique combination of crystal clear blue waters, white sands, warm waters, pristine beaches, great weather and privacy from the populous world. Proficient holiday lovers have often referred to them as ‘paradise islands‘.

Nevertheless, it’s quite a task for new adventurers to choose the most appropriate island for their island hopping adventure, especially with 7000 islands in the Caribbean to choose from. The fact that only 30 of these islands are island nations does simplify things, but it’s still difficult to decide with so many amazing options on offer. In this article we’ll guide you through 6 of the most amazing islands.

1. Jamaica
Known to many as the home to reggae music and the legendary Bob Marley, the island is therefore endowed with a musical atmosphere – a land of rhythm, food and flavour! For beach lovers and golfers Jamaica is the place to visit, but the island also boasts great traditional Caribbean food, great nightlife and whether it’s for a fun packed get away or a peaceful honeymoon, Jamaica ticks all the boxes. You’ll also be surprised at how affordable it is with Thomson offering 7 night packages from just 819pp.

2. Anguilla
As a tourist, the warm welcome from both the weather and the residents will certainly persuade you to overstay your visit. This island is stunning, with some of the whitest and most peaceful beaches in the Caribbean. Cruise ships are also denied docking, which ensures it stays relaxed and exclusive. It’s great for water-sports, especially sailing and diving and the fine dining restaurants are amazing – definitely up there with some of the best in the world.


Although the island can be quite expensive to visit, there are a range of holiday villas that are still luxurious but offer more affordable options to the hotels on the island.

3. Barbados
The island is alluring to a wide range of tourists. Whether you are in to luxurious hotels, you’re a nature lover or enjoy adrenaline-pumping sports, this is certainly the place to visit. The rougher seas on the east of the island are great for surfing activities, however the calm seas on the west are ideal for a range of other water-sports. When it comes to dining, the outstanding cuisine in the various high-end hotels and fine dining restaurants, as well as the choice of local restaurants and street vendors makes sure you are never short of places to try. The nightlife is quite eventful too, especially in Bridgetown and St Lawrence Gap where party lovers can dance the night away. However most people visit the island the relax on the stunning beaches and be pampered in the lavish hotels.

4. Grenada
This island in its own way combines most of what the Caribbean offers. The rain forest offers an amazing centre piece to the island boasting some stunning scenery, and is great for hikers and wildlife tours. The locals are very welcoming and always encourage hanging out. The island offers a great mix of restaurants and bars to try. The beaches are stunning, and the diving is some of the best in the world – with the underwater sculpture park a definite highlight to any diving enthusiasts. The capital St George is also an enchanting place to explore and is voted by many as the most beautiful town in the Caribbean.

5. Antigua
If you want to take a stroll under the sun, on one of the most stunning beaches on earth, then Antigua is the island for you. It’s coastline boasts 365 beaches and is a collection of the world’s best beaches. The island is also great for scuba diving, the cocktails are amazing and there’s a wide range of hotels on offer to ensure everyone is catered for.


Galley Bay, normally the archetypal Caribbean strand has been voted by many as the most magnificent beach. It holds the renowned Galley Bay Resort & Spa which dwells among palms and rests on the white sands of the beach. The resort gives you excellent hospitality services with high end restaurants, rooms, a great spa and a range of water sports – Kuoni offers 7 night packages from 1817pp.

6. St. Martin
Unlike many other Caribbean islands, St. Martin is more cultured and ‘natural‘. You’re likely to find yourself enjoying a chilled beer in one of its beach bars rather than sipping high-end cocktails in luxurious hotels.
The French cuisine that can be found at eateries like Cafe Robin, St Martin, will practically amaze your appetite, especially if you’re on the island for a honeymoon or romantic break. Basically, food, cultural activities and mountain adventures are the main reasons travellers choose to visit the island.

Island Hopping

If you can’t make a decision about which island to visit, how about an island hopping itinerary. That was you can explore several islands in one, and with some companies that offer 14 night packages from just 1245pp it’s an affordable way to explore more of the Caribbean… definitely an idea that’s worth exploring.


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Images credit (under CC) by order: Carol Munro, Dr. Warner, Andrew Moore

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