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5 Questions to Ask Before you Book a Tour

Travelling across the world is really exciting. You can get to know different people as well as their cultures and traditions. You can also see different places with great views and famous destinations that many people tend to visit every now and then. Each of you wants to travel across the world and experience all the different cultures the world has to offer. The best way to do this is through local tours but if you’ve never been to the country before, how do you know which of the tours are good? You need to consider a lot of things to make your tour extra special and worth all the time you’ve spent. Here we have simplified all these questions so that you don’t need to worry and to ensure that you only experience fun and excitement in your vacation. Here are the 5 questions to ask before you book a tour:

Before you book a tour, you must first ask the cost of the tour. This is very important for you to be able to know if your budget will suit the likely expenses, both upfront and costs incurred whilst on the tour. To get the full picture, ask your operator for all “hidden cost” or possible unexpected costs you may incur. Considering this will give you a more convenient vacation, without thinking that you are now out of your budget. If you plan to have a low cost tour, try to compare prices from different companies well in advance. You must also consider the reputation of the company that you will have business with. You will have a much better vacation if you put the effort in. BUT…don’t plan too much! Over-planning can sometimes ruin the adventure or just be stressful, we suggest finding a good balance!

If you are not familiar with the place you want to travel to, you should ask people who have already been so that you can get familiar with their cultures and traditions. You must know that cultural understanding plays a great role especially when you are travelling in different places because every country has their own unique culture. And as a visitor, you must know and respect it, even as you go about looking to book a venue in Birmingham for your tour (or indeed, anywhere else). Ask friends, read online or in books what your destination will be like.

Social Impact
When you visit a place, be prepared to see another culture from a different view from what you are used to. As a tourist, you must respect other people’s cultures and beliefs. Be aware that tourists have the ability to contribute a lot in the social impact as well as have very detrimental impacts whilst travelling. Check out our other blogs on Conscious Travel for more on this point.

Hidden Cost
Do not be a victim of hidden costs, because you will regret it in the end. Before this happens, you should ask first the touring company if there are hidden cost like extra payment for tour guides and other expenses that were not offered before the flight. A lot of companies do this for the sake of money and customers will be unable to do anything when this happens. Therefore, you must be careful with all the information given to you.

Lastly, reputation is very important. Before you purchase a tour with the company, you first should ensure that they have some good feedback from previous customers. You will find that the best tour companies will advertise previous customers satisfaction so look out for this and even if it’s not immediately available, you can ask the company for some testimonials. Most companies will ask their customers for feedback to see where they can improve. This is a great way to keep improving the business. Travel companies will normally send out online surveys by using software from Qualtrics (click this site) to gather feedback from their customers, so make sure that you ask to see that. Feedback can really help companies. Be smart and do your research before you go and this will ensure that you will eventually have the best tour ever. It’s also worth to note that the majority of these testimonials and reviews can fall under various defamation regulations, meaning if any of the reviews or testimonials ever contained false information that could be harmful to the business in question, they have the chance to contact the likes of a California defamation lawyer or other lawyers that can handle defamation cases. Due to this, you can be comfortable that the reviews you’re reading are accurate and legitimate!

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