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5 Great Travel Destination for Nature Lovers

The Top Destinations for Nature Lovers

Travelling comes as naturally to man as breathing or eating. It is an extremely essential part of life and also it sometimes leads to some of the most momentous experiences which can sometimes be life changing. In today’s day and age of cut throat competition and the tiring urban lifestyle one wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What can be a better holiday destination than in the midst of nature and its bounty? It helps you to relax and just let your hair down and breathes in life. There are some eco-destinations which are must go for an outdoor nature junkie.

The Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands

The top rank has been granted to the Galapagos Islands which not only feature on UNESCO’s list of reserved biosphere but also this place is the inspiration behind Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. This destination not only offers eco safaris but also gives the chance of camping close to volcanoes, scuba and deep sea diving. There is a plethora of flora and fauna and for a photo enthusiast this is paradise. The group if islands provide the best of beaches as well as forests. The government takes great care to ensure that the wildlife remains undisturbed.

If you are more of a country side lover then South Germany’s Black Forest is just the place for you. They are the inspirations behind many of the Brother Grimm’s Fairy Tales. They have extremely beautiful and lush green forests and mountain slopes. There weather is absolutely ultimate. It’s like you are walking in the enchanting fairy tales itself. They are also ideal for nature lovers who are looking for a place to rekindle the romance.

Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When one thinks about the nature one is just left to wonder. One of the biggest and the most amazing natural wonder is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is so huge that it can also be seen from the outer space. The Great Barrier Reef offers the visitors the most enchanting views of the world under our worlds. Some of the species of underwater flora and fauna are native to this place. The beaches are some of the biggest and the waters are simply perfect. This is a must visit for a nature lover as it depicts the magnificence of nature.

If you speak of nature destinations and do not mention the Amazon forests than its nothing short of a criminal offence. This place has virgin everything. The rainforest, the sea sized rivers, the green valleys, the mysterious caves, the uncharted slopes and the collection of flora and fauna. It is the ultimate campers’ paradise. There is so much to discover and learn. If you are an animal lover or a bird watcher, this is the place of your dreams.
Last but definitely not the least is Tanzania in Africa. When one talks about nature, one has to refer to Africa. The Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania has one of the biggest concentrations of wild flora and fauna in Africa. So often it has been referred to as Africa’s Garden of Eden. This is also the biggest caldera which is unbroken, in the whole world. It is the perfect location for birdwatchers walking safaris, photography and game viewing.

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