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5 Essential Gadgets for Travelers

The days of taking a vacation to disconnect from the modern world are over. Today our technology comes with us, enhancing rather than detracting from our travel experiences. Next time you’re taking a trip, make sure these useful travel gadgets come along with you.

A Smartphone: Entertainment and Communication Hub

Cell phones have evolved to become much more than communication tools. Of course, you can still use a smartphone to make international calls to your loved ones back home and if you’re interested to learn more about the process that people go through to design fantastic technology like this, consider checking out a website similar to where you can use a fun electrical design tool to build schematics and such, but that’s just the start of their capabilities.

A smartphone with a dual-pixel camera, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, can capture high-quality vacation photos in a wide range of lighting conditions. With social media apps on your phone, you can instantly share those photos with your family members and friends. Whether this means downloading apps like Netflix to stream movies/ TV shows or using something like a disney plus vpn to watch Disney movies that may not be available on Netflix, having a phone that is capable of downloading apps could make a big difference to the journey, especially if you connect to a fast network with wide coverage like T-Mobile’s. Mobile games can also help you pass time while en route to your destination. When you do get there, your smartphone’s GPS system will help you navigate your new surroundings.

Portable Battery Charger: Power Up On the Go

Streaming music and movies, playing games, and video chatting with your loved ones back home can quickly drain your smartphone’s battery. Take a portable battery charger with you, and your phone will never run out of power. These portable chargers have enough juice to recharge most smartphones from empty several times over. Most chargers are lightweight and slim, so you can easily carry one inside a beach tote or handbag. Many have multiple USB ports for charging several devices at once, along with other convenient features, like flashlights and compact mirrors.

An E-Reader: Enjoy Books Without the Bulk

A vacation gives bookworms the perfect excuse to enter the worlds inside their favorite novels. However, traditional books can take up valuable luggage space. If you love reading, an e-reader is a lifesaver. E-readers can hold hundreds or even thousands of books, so they’re more than capable of handling your vacation reading list.

The large screens of e-readers feature clear displays that let you read in a range of lighting conditions without straining your eyes. Most will run between four and six weeks on a single charge, so you needn’t worry about losing power at a crucial scene.

Noise-Canceling Headphones: Shut the World Out

Parts of vacations can be about shutting the rest of the world out and following your own bliss. However, that’s difficult to do when you’re stuck on a train or plane with crying babies, whining teens, and snoring adults. Noise-canceling headphones are the answer, according to professional photographer Erik Dresser. He told Independent Traveler that a good pair of noise-canceling headphones “were probably the best travel investment” he’s ever made. There’s a wide range of noise-cancelling headphones to choose from over at a website like HeadphonesLab, so you might want to give them a look if you need a new pair.

As well as making life more peaceful, noise-canceling headphones can also help you enjoy your music or e-books more safely. Many people turn up their devices too loud to try to block out external noise. Since the noise-canceling headphones already do this, you can listen at a quieter volume and still enjoy exceptional clarity. Noise-free low volumes aren’t just kinder to your delicate ears; they also provide a much richer, more nuanced listening experience.

SteriPEN: Purify Water No Matter Where You Are

Living in the United States, we tend to take clean water for granted. As you explore the world, you’ll soon learn that clean water is a real luxury. If you’re not careful, you can easily become seriously ill by drinking contaminated water abroad. A SteriPEN helps you drink water during your international travels without worry.

This clever gadget uses ultraviolet light to purify water and make it safe to drink. Simply insert the SteriPEN into a water bottle or glass to kill more than 99.9 percent of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. You can count on its quality due to the device’s endorsement from the Water Quality Association. What’s more, you can reuse the SteriPEN for more than seven years, so it’s a smart investment in your traveling future. Additionally, you could also consider taking a filtered water bottle with you on your travels just to be sure that your water is clean. To try and find the best water filter bottle, you could check out somewhere like for suggestions. Ensuring that your water is safe for drinking and cooking is vitally important when you’re in a different country.

Improve your next travel adventure with these essential gadgets!


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