5 Countries to Escape the Winter Blues

With shorter days and colder nights, winter is a time when we suffer from mild depression. We experience low energy and lack of motivation. In formal terms, it is called “winter blues”. If you are looking to escape the winter blues, you have a good number of options. Here are 5 countries that you can visit to escape the winter blues:   


Morocco can be a perfect destination to escape the winter blues as its climate is mostly congenial for holidaymaking.  It is often called a cold country with a hot sun. The best time to visit Morocco is April to June and September to November, as the temperature remains mild. So, to escape the winter blues, you can explore the historic cities and attractions of Morocco. There are a number of Morocco holiday destinations to choose from; you can choose to explore the country’s sweeping desert, rugged coastline, windy alleyways of ancient Medina cities and souks or high mountains. Whatever you decide to do, you can be guaranteed a holiday of a lifetime.


India is a big country with different kinds of environment in its different parts. So, one or more of its provinces remain mild during any time of the year. India boasts of great diversity in its languages, history, population and nature. There are limitless numbers of things to do and see in all the parts of India. Its rich culture, exotic cities, diverse landscapes, and most importantly archeological sites will make sure you get a memorable experience of your lifetime.


New Zealand

Being very close to Australia, New Zealand has almost the similar environment to Australia’s that mean simply perfect for holidaymaking. It is a country of diverse and stunning natural beauty. The country boasts of active volcanic zones, scenic beaches, raging rivers, pristine trout-filled lakes, steep fiords, rolling pasture land, and jagged mountains. With very friendly locals and a unique culture, New Zealand can be a great travel destination to escape from winter blues.


Australia is a country you can visit almost all around the year. From December to February, the temperature in Australia is quite hot. The perfect times to visit Australia are September to November and March to May, as the temperature remains milder for holidaymaking. Known as the Land Down Under, Australia is a country of spectacular landscapes, stunning beaches, and modern towns. One of the best ways to explore such a diverse country is to hire a campervan and explore Australia at your own leisure, escape the winter blues in your country and discover the history of Australia’s aboriginal people, red-earthed deserts, and wonderful cities along the shores.



China is a vast country with a unique culture and rich history. Fabulously diverse in its ethnic, geographic, social and culinary make-up, China is a country always waiting to be explored. It boasts of a great number of UNESCO world heritage sites including the Great Wall and famous terracotta army. Visiting its splendid villages, temples and pagodas, and historic cities, you can find a new meaning of life. It can make you motivated, and more energetic than ever. Thus, china can be a perfect destination to escape from winter blues.


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Images credit (under CC) by order:    Ahron de Leeuwsandeepachetan.com travel photographyMichael McDonough


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