4 Things to Consider when Buying a Car as a US Visitor or Immigrant

While naturally it’s advisable to shop for something as important as a car in your own homeland because the paperwork will naturally move along with greater ease, sometimes it can be more advantageous price-wise to shop for a car in the USA and then take it back home with you. And actually, the conditions for buying a car as a US visitor or immigrant are not much more different than those imposed on US citizens. Here are the four most important things you will need to consider if you want to buy a car in the USA as either a visitor or an immigrant.

1 Analyze your budget

When buying a car in a foreign country that you entered by obtaining a visa for a certain amount of time, it’s advisable to buy something that you can pay for up-front instead of applying for leases, especially if the time of your stay is limited. Always shop for a car (or anything else) that you can afford, instead of complicating your life with unnecessary paperwork for loans and leases.

2 If you need a lease, look for an expat-specific financing company

If you can’t afford buying a car on the spot under any circumstances, then you will need the help a financing company. And, lucky for you if you’re an immigrant or visitor, there are various financing companies targeted directly towards expats. Such a company can help you with the conditions of your lease.

3 Make sure your visa allows big purchases

Naturally, if you’re in the USA as a visitor or immigrant, you got there with the help of visa. Various visa categories have various requirements and restrictions, depending on your status, reason for travelling to America and so on. You also need to make sure you can purchase something as notable as a car as per the conditions listed on your visa. If you want this process to be easier, you can use the help of a digital visa eligibility verification services ESTA USA, such as the one over at http://www.estausavisa.net/.

4 Find out how to transport your car to your country

If you live somewhere on the American continent, you could potentially drive your car back to your country. However, you need to make sure that your driver’s license is also valid in the USA. If you can’t simply drive your car home (because you most likely live somewhere overseas), you can arrange for it to be shipped. Depending on your needs and your budget, there are three shipment possibilities:

  • Air freight;
  • Containerized shipping;
  • RORO (roll on, roll off).