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3 unique ways to explore Turkey during the summer

Turkey is a beautiful large country that hides many natural and historical wonders, and diverse culture that blends between two continents of Europe and Asia. From Turkey’s vibrant cities to secluded islands, the choice is very vast and choosing the perfect holiday can be demanding for some. If you’re considering a trip to Turkey, here are five unique ways to explore Turkey and its wonders.

Cruising along the coast

During summer months the Turkish coast becomes a true paradise on earth and home to cruisers all over the world. Turkey is indeed a homeland of gulet type boats so luxury blue cruise holidays are the main attraction during this time of the year. And that comes as no surprise because the best way to explore the Turkish coast, magnificent landscape and turquoise water is by going on a luxury gulet cruise. These types of cruises are suitable for all generations, even small children, and those who are looking for privacy with their loved ones. Gulet cruises are incomparable to any conventional type of holiday, and everything you wish can be planned and arranged to suit your needs. In the shortest amount of time, you will experience the culture, history, mesmerizing destinations and much more while enjoying the comfort of your yacht. 

Ballooning over Cappadocia

Break the habit of conventional exploration of destinations by trying out this unusual experience! Ballooning over Cappadocia is one of those experiences that must be done once in a lifetime. Due to its uniqueness, this is a very popular activity that offers the best views of one of a kind landscape whose surface resembles something you would imagine to see on Mars. You and your closest ones will truly feel like in some sort of fairytale because there is just something so magical in exploring the world from sky and appreciating the landscape featuring unusual peaks of stone that rise like chimneys. After your exploration from above, you can continue exploration by land that has equally fantastic things to do and see.

Paragliding over the most photographed beach in Europe

Oludeniz is known for being the most photographed beach in Europe. This fact is that this is a truly beautiful unique place that captivates the attention of many travelers around the world. Once you arrive here you can join the paragliders floating and spinning off the mountainside and experience adrenaline rushed adventure.  If you decide to participate in this activity you will have a lesson about safety and soon enough before you know it you will be ready to take off with an experienced guide. This paragliding will become one of your best travel experiences! Between the ride, your guide can take amazing go pro photos so you can cherish that moment for the rest of your life. The landing will be also easy and just as fast and later you can come back to the beach from land and relax. 

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