10 Cool Ways to Earn Money While on Vacation

A vacation is a perfect time to relax after working on a stressful project or staying in a place that puts mental pressure on you. During vacations, you get to meet new people, experience a new lifestyle and prepare yourself mentally for your next project.

A vacation also creates a big hole in your pocket and can set you back financially by a couple of thousands. A news report by CNN shows that the number of workers going on vacation decreases each year. Sambla reports that tourist visits to the financial capital of Europe – Stockholm – are down 11% year over year due. Vacation costs are top of the list of factors which give rise to that.

But, it is possible to go on a vacation and come back richer than you were before leaving. It may be hard to believe, but there are so many ways to earn money while on a vacation. If you have a smartphone and an interest in sports, you can place bets on sporting events to earn that extra cash on the side. Why not check out Sportwettenanbieter Deutschland (sports betting provider Germany) or other providers near the country you are travelling to start betting.

However, betting might not be considered a stable source of additional income to some people, so you can also make the decision to look into something like this Bobcat 300 Helium Miner in stock to start the process of crypto mining and earning some money in a matter of weeks, there is also a wide variety of other things that you can do too. Some of these include…

Renting your house

There are always visitors or tourists looking for a house in your area to stay in. You will not stay in it throughout your vacation so you might as well rent it out and let it earn money for you. The extra cash will come in handy when off-setting vacation costs. Airbnb and HomeAway can connect you to travellers looking for a place to stay. Keep the price lower than those of your competition to ensure someone books the place.

Renting your car

You can rent your car before leaving for vacation and let it earn you some extra cash. Some airports will allow you to park your car for free once you agree for it to be used in driving travellers to their destinations. RelayRides is a car rental community that offers such services. FlightCar also gives you the opportunity to let your car earn good money for you.

Selling your travel photos

While you may work with an independent travel agency or even own your own travel blog, you can also sell your photos to sites ready to pay as high as $100 (depending on location and other factors) for them. Image sites like iStock and Shutterstock pay contributors royalties every time their image is downloaded.

Working as a tour guide

If your holiday destination is one you’ve been to many times and you know so much about, you can work as a tour guide. It is even better if you know the history of places, monuments and myths surrounding them. You can offer to be a tour guide for tourists and charge from $20 to as high as $100 per person for an hour. When you take about 4 groups in a day and considering that a tour group could have 15 persons, you will find yourself with good cash.

Getting a holiday job

You can work in restaurants and hotel bars as an assistant, a mixologist, or a waiter. You can even work as a pool guide teaching kids how to swim and keeping an eye on adults. This can earn you some money and also give you a chance to do what you love. There are other holiday jobs you can get. You can work in retail shops during season holidays and help shop owners tend to clients. You can also be a salesperson.

Running errands

You can run errands for people when on vacation and earn money. The pay may not be much, but earning a little cash just by delivering a product or something at the same location you are going to is great. Grabr.io is an errand site that shows you errands you can run around a particular location and earn money. GigWalk and FieldAgent also let you know about some gigs you can do in a particular location and earn money while at it.

Freelance writing

When on vacation you can pick up writing gigs you will handle at the same time. For some writers, vacation is about the best time to unwind and take up a writing project. Skills like web development or programming are other things you can do while on vacation. Fiverr lets you take on freelance jobs in any area and make money while doing so. If you can’t get gigs, you can also write about your vacation and sell it to a travel blog, or even begin a book which you can publish when you are done.

Travel Nursing

For registered nurses, travel nursing offers you a chance to travel to your favourite holiday destinations, offer healthcare and earn money. The job comes with free accommodation, little or no travel expenses, and you can earn as much as $100,000. You get to stay between three to thirteen weeks in a location, giving you ample time to have fun and enjoy your vacation. Gifted HealthCare offers one of the best services for travel nurses.

Guest lecturing

If you are travelling to a place with local universities who are looking for people that teach a particular skill or subject you are proficient in, you can contact them and set up a class in advance. If you are a professor, the chance of getting an offer in any location you may desire is high.

Becoming an Au Pair

You can consider working as an au pair (learn more about it here) for a little cash and accommodation. The job has age limitations, and might be tasking, but should be worth it if you know your onions. Look at contracts carefully before agreeing to them, so as not to spend your whole vacation indoors taking care of kids.

There you have it–ten cool ways to make money while on vacation. Embark on that vacation and give your body the rest it deserves.