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10 best places to visit this summer

Summer is the perfect time to go for a vacation. The children have gone away to sleep away camp Maine and now is your opportunity to travel somewhere unique. It offers a great opportunity to go out and see the beautiful world with fantastic landmarks, special heritage monuments, exotic wildlife, breath-taking beaches and nature spots. Summer time is also the best time to go swimming or skydiving.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit This Summer:

Ruskeala, Karelia

There is nowhere better to enjoy your summer vacation like in Ruskeala, Russia . This place experiences tough winters, but when the sun finally comes out, the whole region goes into a festive mood. This is a perfect place to take the sun bathes in the park, eat and drink in the sun or go skydiving in the rivers. Ruskeala also has an underground lake with clear waters with light shows in the lake.

Perth, Australia

Perth is an amazing city in Australia, among many other great places to see in Australia, with long beautiful sunsets in the especially in the Scarborough beaches . The Scarborough Beaches are the best for taking evening walks with a perfect sunset view. They are also perfect for novice snorkelers swimmers because the waters are calm and the wind is moderate. It’s no wonder so many people move to Perth to raise a family or even start a business. If you’re thinking of making the move to Perth but can’t bear to say goodbye to all your worldly possessions then this Self storage Perth facility could be the solution you’re looking for. You can store all your household items away safely until you need them. Your new life could be closer than you thought!

The Forbidden City In India

The Forbidden City is the largest complex wooden building in the world. It is an ideal place to spend your summer because you will learn its history and appreciate the Chinese architecture. The building has more than 9000 rooms. This is a good place for people who are curious and love exploring discoveries.

Auberge du Soleil,Napa Valley

Commonly known as the Wine Country. This is a pitch-perfect mix of wineries, restaurants, and sybaritic hotels make this the ultimate wine lover’s escape. The Auberge du Soleil is good place for people who want a quiet place to relax and drink wine peacefully. The hotel has a romantic settings like pastoral hillside where the guests are greeted with cheeseparing and wine. When looking for things to do napa valley has you covered for all off your romantic vacation needs.

The Crane Resort

A crane is a gorgeous place located on a cliff overlooking the Crane Beach. It has breath-taking sea views with clear blue skies and white sandy beach. It is a piece of paradise that makes you want to stay there forever. It is a fantastic place to spend your summer because it gives you an authentic feeling with each sunset.


Istanbul is a great place to spend your summer. In case the heat and commotion of the city are too much, you can always take a ferry over to the Princes’ Islands. The islands are a great place to spend your summer although no cars are allowed. Istanbul has the best fish restaurants with perfect settings for picnics.

The Lofoten Islands

These islands are located in north Norway and are a fascinating destination with beautiful summer. The islands are wild, beautiful and come with preserved traditions. The place is perfect for cycling as you will enjoy its breath-taking scenery.

Malindi Kenya

Found on the Kenyan Coast, Malindi presents a great introduction to the Kenyan coast tourist attractions. Malindi is endowed with attractive beaches with extensive coral reefs. There is also a Marine National Park, a place where you can view a wide variety of marine wildlife.

The Sea inks Beach Hotel

The beach hotel is located in Vietnam and is a great place to explore because it has spectacular natural vegetation, mountains, dunes and red canyons. It also has a lot of activities for you like golfing, tarmacking or kite flying.

Solang Valley Resort

Located in India, the Solang Valley Resort is a great place to spend your summer because it has adventurous sports like quad bike rides, zorbing, and pony rides. the resort’s rooms are well equipped with modern coffee makers, flat screen TV and a heater. Visitors also enjoy Chinese, Indian and continental dishes. the resort is a small peaceful place to spend quite summer time.

When choosing a summer destinations, do not go to a place that is too hot because you will not enjoy your time there. Plan your budget to avoid being short of money in the middle of your vacation. Alternatively you can use Buyagift and the Thomson holiday’s packages which come with exciting discounts for their customers. You can take advantage of their promo codes and visit many places without worrying about your budget.

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